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What your realtor is doing when you’re not looking might shock you! But it's all GOOD things

Before you get too excited, I’m not talking about something sneaky or clandestine. Today let’s talk about all the things that a great realtor is doing when you’re not looking to ensure the best possible outcome from your real estate transaction.

It seems simple enough, but a great realtor works hard at their craft!


When you’re not looking, your realtor is mastering her craft. Realtors study the market, review home sales data, visit homes on broker’s tour to stay on top of current availability, study marketing trends, hire great help when needed, cultivate relationships with lenders, contractors, stagers and other tradespeople. Realtors continue their own education including changes in forms or disclosures and other legal items.

Realtors must be ready for your phone call.


When you’re not looking, your realtor is creating lists—and checking them twice, like the jolly old elf himself. Planning begins prior to ever signing a listing agreement. A great realtor will provide an up-to-date CMA, will have visited similar homes for sale in the area, and will present a marketing plan with strategies specific to your home.

And then, a great Realtor executes the plan!


When you’re not looking, your agent is getting feedback from the agents who have shown your home. What do Buyers love about the home? What needs improving? How is the price? Or, heaven forbid, does the house smell like a new puppy?

Although feedback on a home sometimes can make a seller uneasy, knowledge is power in the home selling process.


When you’re not looking, your agent is pouring over a purchase agreement before ever discussing it with you. He is considering pros and cons, following up with lenders and loan offers to verify the quality of the offer.

And after sharing the offer with you, when you’re not looking your agent is negotiating in your behalf to get the best deal possible for YOU.


When you’re not looking, your agent is following up on all the details for a successful close of your transaction. There’s plenty to coordinate—including loans, inspections, appraisals, tradespeople, etc.

A smooth transaction doesn’t just happen. Issues come up. But often, these issues are handled when you’re not looking, keeping your stress to an absolute minimum during escrow.


I’d be glad to take care of things while you’re not looking! Call anytime to discuss the current market and to see if it’s a good time for you to make a move! 707-636-4215


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