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Spring Has Sprung and the Fun has Begun: Sonoma County Springtime Events

Spring has sprung and the evidence is all around us. From the blooming azaleas to the birds busily building nests (and chirping) to the never-ending sneezing (it's definitely allergy season) we are enjoying a renewed sense of energy this spring.

For the last couple of years, COVID fears greatly restricted our springtime festivities. Although some of the usual activities have changed a little to accommodate larger gatherings, we are excited to have the opportunity to gather with friends and neighbors and to enjoy our incredible Sonoma County lifestyle.

I've gathered a few of my favorite activities to share. If you are interested in attending these events, be sure to sign up right away if registration is required. It was already too late to share a few activities, so don't delay!

I've included the a necessary link here for easy navigation. Just click and go!


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