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Introducing Alex Aumoithe

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Alex Aumoithe


In the world of real estate, expertise, dedication, and personal touch make all the difference. We are pleased to introduce an exceptional addition to the McCall Team – Alex Amoithe, who possesses these qualities in abundance.

A Military Background

Alex's journey to becoming a real estate agent follows a 12-year career in the Marine Corps. The military embodies values that are the cornerstone of his approach: discipline, resilience, and dedication. His deployment to Afghanistan exhibited courage and commitment and these traits naturally translate into the world of real estate.

As a devoted father of two, Alex is particularly interested in the needs of clients who are on the hunt for their dream homes. Alex doesn't merely view homes as properties; he sees them as the foundations of his client's lives.

Community Roots and Multifaceted Talents

Beyond his military service, Alex wears several hats that enrich his role as a real estate agent. He serves as a soccer coach for his kids and his background as a massage therapist and fitness coach underscores an ability to listen and respond to individual needs.

Drawing from his rich Haitian heritage, Alex brings a unique blend of cultural insight to his real estate efforts. In every professional engagement, he ensures that diversity and inclusivity remain central. He's not just helping clients find homes; he's also fostering a sense of belonging.

Reach out to Alex today for your home-buying needs.

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