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Celebrating the Top 200 for Keller-Williams in California/Hawaii!

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In the dynamic world of real estate, accolades are like milestones that mark the journey of hard work and dedication. Recently, the McCall Team proudly achieved a spot in the Top 200 for Keller-Williams in the California and Hawaii regions—a testament to their commitment to excellence.


Behind the Award


While awards are wonderful validations of our efforts, the true pleasure lies in the meaningful connections forged with our clients. Behind every award, there's a story: new clients, newfound friendships, and cherished memories built together while working toward common goals.


As we joyfully and gratefully accept this award, the McCall Team looks ahead with excitement, ready to extend their dedicated service to more clients, seeking to make their real estate dreams a reality.


At the heart of the our mission is a genuine concern for our clients. Whether it's celebrating the joyous moments of expanding families or navigating more challenging life circumstances, we feel privileged to be a part of our clients' major life events.


We are here to help you on your real estate journey

 Beautiful Sonoma County

If you're considering a real estate journey, call now to experience the advantage of listing or buying with the McCall Team. Explore the Seller Resources and Buyer Resources on our website, complete with downloadable e-books, to empower yourself on your real estate adventure.


What are clients are saying


“They were stellar and always went above and beyond for us.” -- N. Fisette


“They are experts by definition and come highly recommended.” —Andrew


“We only have praise for their work on our behalf in selling our property. Thanks Trish and Ilham!” —Charles & Marie


The McCall Team is not just about transactions. We are about building relationships and finding joy in the journey. Here's to a great 2024!


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