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From Turn-Offs to Turnkey! Seller Helps to Get Top $$

When it comes to buying a Sonoma County home, certain features can be big

turnoffs for potential buyers. These features can make a home less desirable and

negatively impact a buyer's decision-making process. Here are the top home

features that are the biggest turnoffs for Sonoma County homebuyers.

Outdated or Poor Condition

One of the biggest turnoffs for buyers is a home that is outdated or in poor

condition. Buyers are often looking for a move-in ready home that requires little to no repairs or renovations. A home that has outdated appliances, fixtures, and finishes can turn off buyers, as can a home that needs significant repairs or

updates. Consider fresh paint, new light fixtures or cabinet pulls to make the home feel more relevant to today’s buyer.

Lack of Natural Light

Another major turnoff for buyers is a home that lacks natural light. Natural light is highly desirable as it can make a home feel bright, spacious, and welcoming. A home that is dark and lacks natural light can be a major drawback for buyers. Homes with small or few windows or those with a lot of shading from trees or buildings can also be turnoffs for buyers. Consider painting the interior white to

reflect light, remove window coverings or blinds that reduce light, and trim trees that inhibit light from entering the home.

Poor Layout or Design

A home with a poor layout or design can also be a major turnoff for buyers. Buyers

want a home that is functional, comfortable, and suits today’s lifestyle. A home

with awkward or cramped living spaces, a poor flow between rooms, or a layout

that doesn't meet the buyer's needs can be a major drawback. Buyers often look for homes with an open floor plan, spacious bedrooms, and ample storage space. If

your home lacks an open floor plan, be sure to reduce clutter and remove large

furniture that can inhibit flow and make rooms feel smaller.

Poor Curb Appeal

Lackluster curb appeal can be a major turnoff for buyers. The exterior of a home is the first thing that buyers see, and if it looks unappealing or poorly maintained, it can negatively impact their impression of the home. A home with peeling paint, an overgrown lawn, or a cluttered front yard can be a major turnoff for buyers. In fact, some buyers won’t even step inside a home that appears unkempt or unloved. Consider mowing lawns, trimming bushes and trees, and planting enticing annual color in the flower beds. Add hanging baskets and create a welcoming setting on the front porch to encourage buyers to “come on in!”

In addition to these top turnoffs, buyers also consider other factors such as the

location of the home, the price, and the potential for appreciation in the value of

the property. By addressing these turnoffs, sellers can make their home more

appealing to potential buyers and increase their chances of a successful sale.

At the McCall Team, we would be happy to share ideas on the best ways to

increase the marketability of your home. Give Trish a call today and get started on

the journey to create a turnkey Sonoma County home! 707-636-4215


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