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Father's Day Fun Without Breaking the Bank!

With the celebration of graduations and the school years ending for many children, Father’s Day can often sneak up and catch us by surprise!

But don’t despair if shipping delays have you feeling down and it’s too late to order something special for Father’s Day. Believe it or not, a wonderful Father’s Day is right at your fingertips—and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

And here’s a pro tip: Father’s Day can be a day of celebration for the special and encouraging men in your life—he doesn’t necessarily have to be your father! Honoring a special teacher, an uncle or even a neighbor that has made a difference if your life is a wonderful way to celebrate the third Sunday in June!

Check out a few of these last-minute ideas that don’t cost a lot—and don’t feel last-minute!

Organize His Sock Drawer

Helping Dad stay organized is a great idea—and it’s fun for kids of all ages who can help sort by color or size. And don’t stop there! Organize his shoes and t-shirts too. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a beautiful gesture to simplify his life.

Movie Night

Family Movie Nights are always fun, but this time it’s Dad’s turn to choose the flick. Grab his favorite movie snacks (I love Junior Mints!) and get the popcorn ready.

Homemade Cookies

Every Dad loves cookies and nothing is tastier than a warm cookie straight from the oven. Looking for inspiration? Try this recipe. It’s guaranteed to please.

Listen to Dad’s Story

Gather everyone around and give Dad the opportunity to answer questions about his childhood, school memories and more. He’ll appreciate the interest, and it’s a great opportunity to share a little family history with the family.

Car Wash

Everyone loves a clean car. But life (and kids!) can take a toll on our vehicles. Surprise Dad with a thorough cleaning—inside and out! And then hop in and head to the nearest ice cream shop. Everyone wins!

Father’s Day Kite-Flying Beach Tip

All Dad wants on Father’s Day is to relax and spend time with his family. A Father’s Day beach trip is the perfect way to enjoy the peace of the outdoors, while getting in some stress-free quality time with the crew.

Check out this great itinerary for a wonderful day at the Beach! From recommended hikes to yummy restaurants, we’ve got you covered.

How About Some Local Good Food and Fun?

Celebrate Father's Day with Mitote food park in Santa Rosa! They will be offering a multiple course Tasting Menu with each course from a different food truck.

Happy Father's Day. And if Dad might be interested in learning more about the Sonoma County real estate market, give me a call!


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