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Fact vs. Fiction: Real Estate Edition!

Are you a buyer or a seller getting ready to dip your toe into the real estate market? Before getting your feet wet, it’s important to consider the common misconceptions that buyers and sellers face today.

Are you a buyer trying to figure out the best timing to buy a home while keeping an eye on interest rates and home prices? Do you feel paralyzed as a Seller facing project after project to get your home ready for the market?

Having a trusted real estate professional is imperative for success in our rapidly-changing market.

Your agent can help separate fact from fiction as you move forward with your real estate dreams.

Buyer Fiction: “It’s a good idea to wait for interest rates and home prices to fall before buying a new home.” Here’s the Fact: Interest rates and home prices are both expected to continue to rise this year. Waiting may cost you money.

Buyer Fiction: “I’m going to have to waive my home inspection to get my offer to stand out.” Here’s the Fact: Although it’s true that Sellers may look for “clean” offers with no contingencies, it may not be wise to waive home inspections. Given the age of a property, your agent may advise you to proceed cautiously before waiving inspections.

Seller Fiction: “It’s a Seller’s Market. I can set almost any price I want.” Seller Fact: In an every-changing market, it’s wise to consider your agent’s suggestions regarding home price. He/she will provide current market information to price your home appropriately for the best outcome.

Seller Fiction: “Before I list my home, it has to be in pristine condition!” Seller Fact: Nearly every home benefits from a thorough cleaning, curb appeal freshening and fresh paint. But before tackling larger items, check with your real estate agent who is familiar with the expectations in your neighborhood.

Takeaway: Listen to your real estate advisor carefully. Markets change quickly and you’ll want to lean heavily on me for up to date advice!


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