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Burgers that Can Make You See Fireworks!


If it’s the 4th of July weekend in Sonoma County, it must be time to fire up the grill and throw on some burgers. There’s nothing much tastier than a favorite burger—beef, chicken, or plant-based—fired up on the grill and topped with all your favorite condiments and enjoyed in your own backyard under the apple tree.

Well, that’s not always true.

Sometimes there’s nothing much tastier than a favorite burger—beef, chicken, or plant-based—fired up on a hot grill, topped with your favorite condiments and enjoyed at a favorite restaurant. Throw in order of fries and onion rings and you may have reached the pinnacle of 4th of July happiness without the effort of planning a backyard event or looking for the insect repellent.

If your weekend plans find you hoping that someone else can man the grill and serve up a perfect burger, I’ve got some great ideas. See if your favorite spot made my list of local burger favorites.


Carmen's Bistro and Bar

The Western burger, dripping with onion rings, cheddar cheese, applewood bacon, and barbecue sauce screams “Happy Fourth of July!” to any burger enthusiast. 619 4th St., Santa Rosa.

Burger Bar, Stark's Steak and Seafood

Are you in the mood for a half-pound burger with some great fixins including smoked bacon, peppercorn salsa verde and Cambozola? Or choose from additional add-ons including onion rings, steak sauce or a fried egg. You might be seeing fireworks after your first bite! 521 Adams St., Santa Rosa, 707-546-5100


Sometimes a tried-and-true burger is simply the best option! If you are looking for honest burgers, fries and onion rings at a great price, you just can’t go wrong at Superburger. Plenty of extras can “add a little sparkle” and take your standard burger to the next level. Santa Rosa, Cotati and Windsor locations.

The Wurst Restaurant: Although Wurst’s is all about sausage, their burgers always get top billing in Healdsburg. Try the practically-perfect half-pounder with grilled onions, sharp cheddar, pickles and special sauce. It should be an American tradition! Don’t miss the frozen custard! 22 Matheson St., Healdsburg.

The burger craving has now been satisfied. Next stop? It’s time to find some apple pie!

Happy Fourth of July!


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