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The Value of a Pre-Listing Inspection

In Sonoma County, the spring home-selling season is almost here. One of the discussions I have with my Sellers relates to the value of a pre-listing inspection as a potential marketing tool for their property.

Although a pre-listing inspection may not be for everyone, there are instances where a pre-listing inspection may be indicated.

What exactly is a pre-listing inspection? These inspections can include a home inspection, roof inspection, pest inspection and sometimes a sewer inspection or pool inspection. Sellers choose to pay for a pre-inspection to gather as much information as possible regarding the condition of their home and may elect to correct problems or leave them as-is.

What’s the benefit of a pre-listing inspection?

1. It shows your home is ‘an open book’

As a gesture of goodwill and full disclosure, a pre-listing inspection may set you apart from other sellers and can give potential buyers peace of mind and confidence.

2. It can make for a smoother transaction

Buyers don’t like surprises! A pre-inspection allows the Seller to address potential issues before listing the house which can result in a quicker, less stressful escrow process. The Seller may choose not to make necessary repairs, but the inspection report offers the buyers important information from the beginning of the transaction. Knowledge is power—and having information available upfront may work in your favor for a smoother transaction, saving time and money.

3. It can highlight your home’s assets

A pre-listing inspection can highlight your home’s strengths, such as well-maintained appliances, upgrades to plumbing or even new gutters! A well-maintained home appeals to buyers and can result in stronger offers.

Are there times to NOT have a pre-inspection?

If you’re trying to sell a fixer-upper, a pre-inspection may not be indicated. But if you've maintained your home and want to sell it as quickly, and as profitably, as possible, a pre-inspection is almost always a good idea.

Remember, a pre-listing inspection is totally optional. If you are interested in how it might benefit your home sale, let’s talk!


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