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Kill It at the Next Cookie Exchange: Secrets Revealed!

Would you like to dazzle your friends at this year's Cookie Swap with something decadent (and impressive!) that doesn't require hours in the kitchen?

Are you putting together a goodie box for the neighbors and feeling tired of the same-old fudge and sugar cookies?

Do you need something to wow your co-workers at the office potluck that tastes "crazy delicious" but won't require hours in the kitchen?

Check out these Five-Star Recipes!

From the Ooey, Gooey Category

Carmelitas are the gold standard! Imagine a crisp oat crust topped with gooey chocolate, and ooey caramel. It's so delicious you might need to eat it for breakfast.

Find the recipe here.

From the "I Can't Decide if I Want a Brownie or a Chocolate Chip Cookie"

Brookies are a delicious mashup of brownies topped with chocolate chip cookie batter. Give them a quick swirl and you've got a Brookie! They can be cut into squares or bars, or even shaped into a tree or star with a cookie cutter. It's perfect in a pinch because it uses pantry staples.

Click here for the recipe.

From the Kid-Friendly, No-Bake Category

Similar to a rice Krispie treat, but with cornflakes, these Christmas wreaths are marshmallow-y goodness that kids will love to create--and eat! Use mini M&M's red hots or sprinkles to decorate the wreaths.

Learn all the tricks here.

From the "I've Always Wanted to Make Macarons" Category

From French bakeries to Costco to baking shows, we've all seen (and tasted) gorgeous, crisp-yet-chewy macarons with an assortment of flavors and fillings. Naturally gluten-free, they are a perfect holiday treat for nearly all of your guests. Macarons are notoriously tricky, but Sally (from Sally's Baking Addiction) breaks it all down beautifully in this beginner's guide. Challenge yourself a little--and have fun!

Macaron-making begins here.

Let the baking commence. Happy Holidays!

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