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Help Your Home Stand Out to the Fall Buying Crowd!

Are you looking for ways to help your home stand out in the “Fall Crowd?” Are you considering a few smart updates to make your home more marketable and to potentially improve your sales price?

Check out these great ideas for updates that are great for fall—and through the rest of the year as well.

Potential buyers are itching for these features:

Safety First

Buyers look for safety features in a home that go beyond deadbolts. Sellers might consider upgrading the garage door with additional strength—and an entry keypad. Repair fences and install locked gates for added security. Motion-sensored lights and additional exterior lighting is not only a safe upgrade—it can look great as well!

Buyers love front-door cameras and additional security cameras located throughout the exterior of a property. These camera systems can often be purchased in a bundle that may be well worth the investment.

Energy-Efficiency Counts!

Energy-efficient has a two-fold benefit: Not only does it potentially lower utility bills, but it’s also good for the environment. Sellers may consider tankless water heaters to save water, updating old appliances with more energy-efficient versions, installing automatic irrigation with smart-water systems, and installing smart thermostats to moderate heating/cooling usage.

Is it time to ditch the lawn for a more drought tolerant landscape? Many buyers appreciate the beauty and the cost savings of an updated landscape plan.

There’s Never Too Much Storage

Buyers are looking for space, not only in the square footage of a home, but in the closets, cabinets, and pantries. Consider streamlining storage solutions in your closet with some simple built-ins. Kitchen cabinets can be outfitted with roll-out shelves which provide a more efficient use of space.

Don’t forget the garage. Adding a few shelves can increase the storage capacity of your home and entice buyers.

Have a Little Fun!

The trend toward creating an outdoor haven continues to gain strength. To help your home put its best foot forward, consider a few small upgrades to help buyers envision themselves having fun in your home’s outdoor spaces, regardless of size.

Firepits, which are a relatively easy installation, remain popular and with the cooler months ahead will continue to be desirable. String lights over seating areas. With the shorter days ahead, a well-lit outdoor space is especially desirable.

Does your yard have extra patio space? Consider a simple outdoor kitchen for grilling and entertaining year-round!

Healthy Homes

Homes equipped with no-touch faucets, mudrooms, air filtration systems and other health and comfort-focused items are sure to align with modern buyers’ needs.

The Takeaway?

Give me a call to discuss the most popular home assets in your neighborhood. And of course, don’t forget that regular maintenance is a necessity. Clean your gutters, keep landscape trimmed away from the house, replace burned-out bulbs, and check your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

Looking for additional ways to spruce up your home? Download my ebook here!


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