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Freshen Your Space in 2022 Without Spending a Dime!

The New Year inspires lots of changes! Many of us have put pen to paper to create a list of resolutions. If your resolutions include a desire to transform your living space but you’re on a limited budget (or no budget at all!), I’ve got great news.

The home décor experts at have compiled a few tips for freshening a space without breaking the bank. Here are a few of my favorites.

Sometimes it’s as simple as moving the Furniture!

It's time to play your own version of musical chairs—or musical benches, couches or shelves! Consider something new. Do you have a favorite side chair that could move into the entry or even become a bedside table? Take the bench from the mudroom and place it at the end of your bed. Simple changes can make a room feel brand new.

Now try it with your artwork

Art has a profound impact on the way a room feels and functions. Are you spending more time in your home office now? Maybe that framed painting hanging in your hallway would actually bring tons of new life into your daily routine. Don’t forget the artwork under your feet! Rugs add texture and pattern in the same way as wall arrt. Perhaps a change of pace is in order underfoot as well.

If you are ready for something new on your walls, it's time to check out some of the great printable downloads online at sites such as Etsy. Visit local art shops or even thrift stores for some amazing finds. It might cost a few "dimes" but the end result is worth it.

Take a nature walk

Step outside into your ward, or, if you don't have a yard, take a walk in the woods. Foraging for natural items is a fun, no-cost way to refresh your home—and yourself. Cut some greenery (not from private properties of course) and place them in vases you already own to add some life to your space. A little greenery goes a long way in breathing new life into a space. And grab a few pinecones while you are at it. Arranging them in small bowls creates a charming scene.


Before you throw something away, consider how it could be given a second, functional life. Perhaps that old cookie jar can be turned into an unusual vase. Do you love the container from your scented candle? After burning, clean it out and use it in the bathroom for cotton balls or other personal care items. Or place it on your nightstand as a catch-all for bobby pins or eyeglasses.

Restyle Your Shelves and Side Tables

After clearing out the holiday décor, it may be tempting to do the “same old” styling on your living room tables and shelves. But it’s actually the perfect time to try something new with items you already own. Shuffling pieces and rethinking your décor is good for the soul, and the pocketbook!

Click here for more great ideas that don’t break the bank. You really can afford to love where you live.


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