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Downsizing: Is it the Right Time?

For many people, retirement brings some challenging moments and difficult decisions. Although you may relish the ability to travel, visit with friends and family more freely or enjoy new hobbies, you must consider how these desires affect your current lifestyle.

What does that mean for your home?

If you are seeking ways to focus more on the important things in life, downsizing may be the answer.

Determine What You Need in Your Next Home

The recipe for less stress and increased happiness in retirement is to find a home in a desirable location that requires less maintenance.

For homeowners, a desirable location varies from an urban lifestyle to country living. However, for most homeowners, a smaller home with less maintenance is essential to a comfortable retirement. For some, a townhome or condominium community fits the bill perfectly as amenities often include exterior paint, roof and landscaping care. Others may prefer a home in a 55-plus community that offers social activities.

Regardless of the type of home, a smaller home is easier and less expensive to maintain. Careful consideration of the perfect combination of location and type of dwelling can ensure a happy outcome.

Equity Can Make a Big Impact

Home value has appreciated at record levels in the past few years which means you may have more equity in your home than you think. Equity gains can result in a larger down payment which results in a smaller mortgage—giving you greater financial freedom.

Regardless of your homeownership goals, I can help find the best option for your situation. If it’s time to downsize, I can help you sell your current home and guide you as you buy your next one and enter this new phase of life.


If you are contemplating retirement, your needs are likely changing. Now may be the perfect time to downsize. Give me a call and we can review your needs to make your retirement dreams come true! Call me today! 707-636-4215


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