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The Latest COVID-Related Information for Real Estate

The reopening of the California economy from COVID-19 restrictions is great news for buyers and sellers alike.

If you have been active in the real estate market during the last 15 months, you are likely familiar with the stringent guidelines for showing, visiting, and selling a property during the pandemic. A plethora of new forms and requirements emerged from the California Association of Realtors (CAR) designed to keep buyers, sellers, and agents safe during a real estate transaction.

In the process, many agents pivoted and discovered new ways of listing and showing properties including a new reliance on virtual tools.

While we have learned many new things about real estate marketing during the pandemic that will remain viable in the months ahead, nothing can take the place of in-person showings, open house and a good, old-fashioned smile.

In accordance with the latest CAR and state regulations, I am excited to update you on the latest news as you potentially approach your next home search or sale.

Directly from the CAR website, answers to a few common questions include:

Will there be any restrictions on open houses or showings?

• During an open house masks will be required because even if a single unvaccinated person enters an open house, then everyone must be masked.

• Masks need not be worn during a showing if everyone is fully vaccinated.

What about the color-coded county tiers?

*What if my county is in red or purple? As of June 15, the system of color-coded county tiers will no longer be in effect.

•What about cities and counties? If a locality does continue to enforce more restrictive rules, then it will be prudent to follow them.

Can a seller require everyone who enters a property to wear a mask or be vaccinated?

•Yes. The seller can set their own rules as to who will be admitted to the property. They can require that everyone wear a mask.

The Takeaway?

It’s a good idea to carry a mask when visiting property to respect the wishes of the homeowners and to assure that the visits follow current requirements. Be respectful and patient of the views and needs of others.

I’d like to express my heartfelt respect and gratitude to the frontline health workers in Sonoma County who continue to sacrifice in our behalf. I’m thrilled to see our economy return to a greater state of normalcy while respecting the guidelines for the safety of ourselves and others.

As your Sonoma County realtor, I look forward to seeing you and sharing a smile.


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