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Create Your Own Sonoma County Garden of Eden

February is just around the corner, and it won’t be long until Sonoma County

bursts into bloom! If the sunny skies have you daydreaming about the blossoms in

your future, you won’t want to miss the latest trends in gardening, shared by

Let’s face it—living in Sonoma County is a little bit like the “Garden of Eden” and

our opportunities for plantings are endless. So, get ready to “dig” into a few new

Vertical Gardening

If you want to see what’s new in gardening, you need to look UP! Vertical

gardening is all the rage. We see it at restaurants, hotels, and even home gardens. It’s great for folks living in small spaces, but vertical gardens are beautiful backdrops in larger home gardens as well. Vertical gardens have also become popular for herbs and vegetables. An added plus? Harvesting fresh veggies with stooping is ideal for gardeners of all ages.

(Colorfully) Planting With a Purpose

Color is back! As we all emerge from the muted “pandemic” shades over the last

few years, gardeners and homeowners are yearning for more joyful gardens—and for most folks, that means COLOR! Expect to see more options of sunflowers, asters, and annual color including wave petunias, impatiens, and million bells to brighten rock gardens, baskets, or front yard planters. It’s a great way to say, “Welcome!”


Manicured flower beds will never be out of style, but gardeners are leaning into

low-maintenance styles that are equally delightful and create great curb appeal.

The “meadow style” garden flows naturally with soft grasses and free-blooming flowers, dotted with mounds of color and requires little upkeep.

Bee-Friendly Landscaping

It’s the year of the bee--and butterfly—as gardens that are friendly to pollinators flourish in 2023. Gardeners are seeking landscape plans that will attract bees, butterflies, and birds, so they are seeking plants like daisies, lavender, lilacs, and honeysuckle. An added plus is that the homeowner will be rewarded two-fold as the scent of these beautiful plants is carried through their windows on the Sonoma

County breeze.

The Takeaway

Sonoma County is an extraordinary location for gardening! So, whether you are a

newbie or an old pro, give one (or more!) of these ideas a shot and LOVE your

garden again.


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