Written by Michelle Fielder

We all know that moving can be stressful, but fortunately it doesn’t have to be! Having just moved myself, I wanted to share my best tips for keeping stress levels low and organization levels high. If you utilize a few of these tips below, you may be able to find a little more zen in the moving process.

Make Lists

I am a habitual list maker. I make lists every day of things I want to accomplish, groceries I need to buy, and places I want to go. When I’m in the process of moving, the lists become even more abundant! I find that sometimes I even need a list of my lists…is that normal?

Here are a few examples of my moving lists:

1.Places to update your address

2.Preparation checklist (arrange for moving truck, buy tape, etc.)

3.Items to buy for the new home

Lists can help you feel more organized and ensure that you won’t forget anything – which means less stress!

Pack a Bag

Just like you’re going on vacation, pack a bag with clothes, toiletries, and other essentials. This helps make the transition to a new home smooth and painless. No more digging through vaguely labeled boxes to find the toothpaste.

Use “Pinterest Hacks”

Pinterest is a mecca for creative solutions. One of my favorite “Pinterest hacks” is to use garbage bags to cover your clothes and keep them clean when moving. Garbage bags come in all different sizes and will help your clothes stay on the hanger. Simply put a hole in the bottom of the bag and pull the hangers through, then tie a knot on the bottom. When you arrive at your new home, hang the clothes in the closet, rip the bags off, and you are all set.

Start Early

Give yourself enough time to pack and clean to avoid the last-minute scramble. Try starting earlier than you think is necessary. This will ensure enough time to carefully pack boxes, sort through your items, and deep clean the house you are leaving. I find that given enough time, I can really get a handle on all my belongings.

Make Your Bed

Nothing feels better than falling into a clean bed after a long day of hauling boxes around. Make sure your bedding is accessible so that when you carry that mattress in, you can immediately put the sheets and blankets on to create a nice, cozy space to collapse into at the end of the day.