“A color is as strong as the impression it creates.” – Ivan Albright

Color can create a lasting impression. The same holds true for real estate. Every property is unique, and every buyer is different. There are no hard and fast laws when it comes to selling your home, but there are some basic rules to live by. Here are some ideas to consider about color and its potential impact on home sales.

Neutral Tones Generally Work Best

In just about every home, neutral tones generally work better in the world of real estate. Colors that are at once warm, bright and soothing should appeal to the widest possible universe of buyers, and that is good news when your home is on the market.

When painting your home in anticipation of a sale, focus on neutral colors with a wide appeal, shades like dove gray, light tan, beige, creams and subtle browns, are always a smart move. No matter which colors you choose, the goal is to make the rooms fresh and inviting, but not just newly painted. The pre-sale paint job is standard, but it should look natural, not glaringly obvious.

What to Know About White

When it comes to that pre-sale paint job, many homeowners simply assume that white is the way to go. After all, they figure, white paint goes with everything, from that bright red sofa to a tasteful beige loveseat.

Even so, it is generally best to avoid white and focus on other neutral tones like the ones outlined above. White may be bright and clean, but it is also overly generic. Avoid tones like eggshell, ivory, and China, and focus instead of subtle shades that will have a wider appeal to a higher number of buyers. For example, we like Repose Gray, Sea Salt and Trade Winds from Sherwin Williams.

A Splash of Color

Painting your rooms in subtle shades with a wide appeal is a proven way to sell your home, but that does not mean there is no room for bold bright color. There are plenty of times when bright colors could be good for your home sale, and there are lots of creative ways to use those colors.

No matter what colors you paint the walls or which types of tones you ultimately choose, you want buyers to picture themselves in that space. When a buyer looks at the living room, they should be able to picture their own furniture in the spot where your couch, chairs and TV currently reside.

There is nothing wrong with adding a splash of color to the room, and doing so can make the space look better and even more inviting to buyers. Something as simple as a brightly colored throw rug or a few bright throw pillows, will make the room look better than ever.

But What About the Outside?

There are other things you can do with color on the outside of your home. While neutral tones generally work best for exterior paint, dark contrasting trim can give the home extra curb appeal. If you want to go bold and make your home more memorable, think about painting the front door a bold color. Even the most jaded home shopper is sure to remember the home with the right red door, and the color of the door is something that is easy to change down the road.

Color is a real driving factor when it comes to home sales, and it is something you should consider when putting your own property on the market. A delightfully subtle coat of dove gray paint may not sell your home on its own, but the right shade does set the tone. Taking the time to choose the right colors and look at your home with a buyer’s point of view could mean the difference between a fast and profitable sale and a home that sits on the market for months.

Always consider consulting with a real estate professional for guidance on how to prepare your home to go on the market. After all, that’s what we are here for!