Winter can be an excellent time to sell a home. There are typically fewer homes on the market during the colder months which means less competition. It also takes more motivation for buyers to bundle up and go look at houses during the cold rainy months. This can mean the buyers that do show up are more serious about making an offer. To make your home shine, proper home staging can make all the difference! These winter staging tips can help you sell your home more quickly and get a great price in the process.

Brighten Up the Landscape

Your garden may have been put to bed, but that does not mean you cannot dress up your home with fresh flowers. Adding a colorful flower garden to your windowsill and placing potted flowers next to the front door enhances curb appeal and makes your home look more inviting. Trendy, colorful and drought resistant, succulents can be a wonderful option. Other options are chrysanthemums, lilies, and pansies which all can bloom during the winter months.

Adding greenery to the inside of your home is a smart move too. There are services available that help you choose indoor plants and will even care for them! Another colorful option is a bowl full of fresh fruit on a table or countertop. Any of these options will enhance the beauty of your home and brighten up the mood at your winter open houses.

Let the Light Shine In

The winter season means early darkness and limited light, so many of your showings will take place after dark. Brightening up the exterior of your home creates a welcoming environment for potential buyers and makes the home look safer and more secure. Turn on any exterior lights such as a porch light or walkway lights to help make the landscape brighter and more beautiful.

Lighting up the interior is just as important. Keep the curtains open and the shades up if you are hosting an open house during the daylight hours. Keep the lights on brightly when you show your home after dark. Making the home as light as airy as possible is one of the keys to successful staging.

Keep It Comfortable

On those chilly days, make sure your home is warm and cozy, but not too hot. Buyers should be able to walk around comfortably without their coats. Turn the thermostat to a comfortable setting before your buyers arrive, and keep the temperature steady throughout your open houses.

You may want to keep a coatrack by the door for your guests. You want to treat potential buyers and open-house attendees like the honored guests they are.

Keep it Clear

Sonoma County is known for its beautiful autumnal colors, but once the rain starts those beautiful leaves begin to fall. It is a good idea to clear fallen leaves and debris away from your front door, walkways and driveway to minimize any slippery paths. Do not neglect the rear of your home either. Buyers will want to see the outdoor features of your home, including the patio and back deck. Make sure they are clear and easily accessible.

Show Your Summer Face

If your home includes outdoor elements like a back deck, outdoor kitchen or patio area, you should remind buyers of their beauty. Pull out the photographs you took during your summer barbecues and parties and place them strategically around your home. Buyers will see how beautiful your home looks in the warm summer months, and those reminders could be enough to spark an offer.

Making your property stand out from the crowd is always important, but during the colder months it is important to show off the winter charm your property can offer. Hopefully using these home staging tips will help make your home more attractive and bring eager buyers through your door.